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Carpet Cleaning Service in Retford

Professional cleaning of any carpet or rug on a regular basis will extend its life expectancy considerably, in addition to keeping it hygienic and looking good. Not cleaning the carpet correctly, or even not cleaning it at all, will reduce its life expectancy significantly.The Carpet Cleaning Pro - Member of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association

  • Our chemicals are wool safe approved
  • Most carpets are dry within 1 – 2hrs
  • You get clean, fresh, healthy carpets

Your carpets are deep cleaned with removable stains dealt with.

Only the very best carpet cleaning service is obtained by The Carpet Cleaning Pro.

The Carpet Cleaning Pro Carpet Cleaning Packages

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Money Saver Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Plan - (Saving you even more money)

With The Carpet Cleaning Pro “Money Saver Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Plan” you get clean, fresh, healthy carpets throughout the year, which makes your home a much healthier place to be.

Read about our preferred method of cleaning a carpet.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Service

(As Recommended by The Worlds Largest Carpet Manufacturer)

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

The Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning system is a self contained machine. It provides it’s own heat up to 265°F, this alone kills a multitude of bacteria and the twin 3 stage vacuum power is phenomenal thus leaving carpets cleaner and drier.

DRY IN HOURS NOT DAYS. They operate with more suction power than standard extraction machines that standard carpet cleaners use.

Don’t just take our word for it – let us provide you our high powered professional carpet cleaning services and be part of the many home owners, tenants and businesses that use Retford Carpet Cleaning Pro time and time again.

We operate a 7 day 24hr service to suit you, causing less disruption to your home or working environment.

Take a look at some before and after pictures and read our customer comments.

Carpet Cleaning Method – Dry Soil Removal

We commence our cleaning process by removing the vast majority of sand, dust and dry soil using an industrial vacuum cleaner. “This can be up to 80% of the entire dirt content in your carpet”. In addition to removing much of the dirt, this process lifts many of the fibres to allow access to the base of the construction. We achieve this by covering the entire floor area at least four times in perpendicular directions (as recommended by the National Carpet Cleaners Association).

Finally, we work around the edges of the carpet with a hand tool to complete the dry soil extraction step.

Carpet Cleaning Method – Spots and Stains

We then pre-treat and work on all the areas of staining with the appropriate spot and stain removal solution that removes heavy soil residues as well as many spots and stains caused by grease, oil, latex paints, mustard, ketchup, shoe polish, diverse food and beverage stains, various types of inks, sugar etc.

Any residue left in treating a particular stain on the carpet will then be removed during the cleaning process of the entire area.

Carpet Cleaning Method – Pre-spray and Agitation

We move on to treat the entire floor area with the appropriate cleaning agent for that carpet type. This is allowed to penetrate to the base of the construction and removes any grease or oils adhered to the carpet fibres. At the same time, any remaining soil and dust is transferred to the cleaning solution ready for extraction in the following steps.

The cleaning solution is carefully worked into the carpet fibres ensuring the most amount of dirt possible is released and subsequently removed. We can achieve this using a specially designed carpet brush, by working the solution from 4 different directions to further lift the carpet pile.

Carpet Cleaning Method – Hot Water Extraction

The carpet is then rinsed either with our very powerful hot water extraction carpet cleaning system, or a powerful portable hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine, both capable of adjustable temperatures up to 265°F for steam-boosted extraction cleaning; cutting through deep down dirt and stubborn stains fast, giving improved cleaning performance and even the power to remove chewing gum, blu-tack and wax from carpets and upholstery, while remaining completely safe for children, babies and pets who spend much of their time in direct contact with the carpets.

This works by first injecting the hot cleaning solution containing an antibacterial deodoriser into the carpet at high pressure. This dislodges any remaining soil from the base of the construction while killing any germs that reside on the fibres. The injection step is followed by extraction of the dirty solution.

Rapid Drying Times

The machines we employ use high powered vacuum motors to remove the vast majority of water and ensure minimal drying times of only 1-2 hours. They operate with more suction power than that of standard portable electric machines that standard carpet cleaners use. No residue is left on the surface of the fibre to ensure an enduring cleanliness of your carpet.

Carpet Stain Prevention

As with most things, prevention is preferable to cure. Therefore, getting all your carpets treated with an anti-stain treatment will make your carpets more resistant to dirt and will help in preventing carpet stains. Making your carpet more rigorous to stains can be cheaper than you’d think and worthwhile in the long run as it will make your own carpet more long-lasting and durable.

Carpet Stain Protection (optional) subject to extra charge

After the carpet has been cleaned and the surface of the fibre prepared, we can move on to apply fluorochemical stain protector. This barrier can last up to 5 years and coats each fibre to inhibit soiling and staining. It allows our clients to simply mop up spillages as it prevents the fibre absorbing oil and water based stains. Please note: This stain protection process is subject to an additional charge.

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Carpet Cleaning Method – Carpet Pile Grooming and Finishes

After the carpet cleaning process and the applying of the stain guard, we continue our work by grooming the carpet fibres ensuring the best visual finish possible.

We then clean off all of the skirting boards that surround the carpet that has been cleaned. This leaves the entire floor area looking fresh and restored, but most importantly clean!

Overall – The Carpet Cleaning Process

We are sure that you will agree, that our high powered hot water extraction carpet cleaning procedure at Retford Carpet Cleaning Pro is very thorough. This is the key to obtaining the best results possible and the happiest clients. We employ this carpet cleaning method across Worksop, Retford and Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

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The Carpet Cleaning Pro serve both residential and commercial customers with a high quality professional carpet cleaning service and upholstery cleaning service in Chesterfield and surrounding areas of Derbyshire, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster in South Yorkshire, including Worksop, Retford and Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

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